Diag and DSC file

I dont know where it's software come from, may be Taiwan or China cause the language it's software I don't understand, but I know it can u****k the huawei mobile and tested by me. This software read only dsc file to u****k the mobile.

  • Select COM that plug in to phone. Click F(main menu) select P, choose the 4th tab, select COM.
  • Click the 115.2 button (the 16th button under main menu) to select Port Speed
  • Click the button beside combo box at below the software for choose dsc file that you want.
  • Software will begining to start (at mobile phone display will apear "Downloading Mode ..." with red colour.
  • Wait untill the program not responding
  • The process has finish
Enjoy It !!!
Download Diag Software


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