Software Huawei One Click (Huawei Slank ver 1 n 2, Huawei Fu', Huawei Bali, and Huawei Ngoceh 2)

This software is the last hottest software for unlock Huawei type C2807 (Huawei Slank version 1 and 2, Huawei Fu, Huawei Bali) and C2606 (Ngoceh 2) not HW ID, cracked. Free gift for you from Mr. Abeq. It's process is very simple, just one click.
I uploaded it on multiple parts, so you can download it easily. No password, no register, no rule, just download.
Use it for education only, not for comercial !!!!
Enjoy it!!!

Thank to Mr Abeq for the wonderfull software

Download software Huawei One Click [part1, part2, part3, part4, part5]

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