Download Software Unlock Nexian Flexi Series

The picture below are CDMA cellphone with Telkom Flexi brand which it bundling with Nexian.
All series can unlock with flashing their cp rom
You should install CDS4 driver to connect via USB mini data cable
For flashing you should use VPST
And all files that you need can download bellow
NX 910

NX 810

FP 369

FP 333


FP 288
Download CP ROM File Nexian Flexi Series FP288, FP303, FP333, FP369, NX810 and NX910
FP 288 [link1, link2]
FP 303 [link1, link2]
FP 333 [link1, link2]
FP 369 [link1]
NX 810 [link1, link2]
(On Hold ! Keep visit to get another files)
NX 910 [link1, link2, link3]
Download CDS4 Driver
Download VPST

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