3 Secret Buttons Blackberry Curve

The Curve Series is probably the series on the BlackBerry family of the most widely used today. For those of you who just know this smart phone, it's worth trying a few simple tips below

1. Restart Without Removing the Battery

After installing an application or would like to run the new service, there is usually a few adjustments. Well, the most frequently used to solve it is to restart your BB, then remove the battery.

The purpose of this actually means to refresh the memory of the initial BW. However, less effective and was impressed ribet. Actually there was an easier way, ie: press ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + DELETE. This way you can also refresh the memory and reset the BB without wasting time.

2. Clean Memory at Event Logs

Event log on the BlackBerry to show what the system is running. We experienced an error, by looking at the list of event log, the center of the problem can be found. Hence, this method can also be used as a solution when the BB error.

How to access the event log, you first must be on the home screen. Press ALT followed by typing 'LGLG', the event log will soon emerge.

You can free memory that is full of these to speed up your BB. You do this by pressing the HOME and select 'Clear Log'.

3. Switching Applications

One way to quickly and efficiently to move applications is to use ALT + ESC keyboard BB. This feature functions the same as true ALT + TAB key on the computer.

When running an application, press and hold down the ALT key and immediately followed the ESCAPE key (left-right arrows logo trackball). By simply shaking trackball to the right and left, you can also select the desired application. While the application for entry into quite simply by releasing the two.

Good luck ...

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