(prediksi) Paraguay vs Spain Prediction

Paraguay vs Spain Prediction or Prediksi – Denis Caniza still holds good and bad memories to face Spain in the World Cup. In France in 1998, when Paraguay’s come as a debutant, Caniza become part of a team without a goal and resist the Spanish La Furia Roja failed to make the escape from the group stage. In Korea / Japan 2002, Caniza become part of the team that defeated Spain 3-1 in the group stage. But it was not enough to defeat Paraguay failed to qualify from group stage for running on Paraguay vs Spanyol match game predictions.

Now Caniza hope he gets a third chance to face Spain in the World Cup, and playing time in the 13th largest football event in this universe. If not, he will seek to share experiences in the locker room to his peers who are younger.

Caniza now aged 35 years, and regularly sat on the bench. But he does not regret the decision of coach Gerardo Martino, Paraguay, knowing the best energy needed to reach the highest stage in the World Cup.


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