Tutorial How to Inject Blackberry CDMA

  Step 1 ( Important!!! ):
  1. Buy a new SIM Card, here I use Smart Telecom, you can buy it at SMART Galeries
  2. Ask to the customer service 26 digits AKEY and 10 digits MIN ( without 510009 ) of your new SIM Card
  3. Download and Install QPST, you can DOWNLOAD Here!!!
  4. Blackberry Desktop Manager last version 
  5. Data Cable for Blackberry
  6. File PRL EVDO Smart Telecom (PRL ID 10009) DOWNLOAD Here!!! ( pass : retrasakti )
  7. Dial ##000000 for check CDMA Service Edit Screen
  8. Dial *4357# for ESN information
  9. Network Mode at device set to 1XEV Options >Mobile Network>Network Mode>1XEVDO
Step 2....:

  1. Turn On Blackberry Desktop Manager and Connect your Blackberry's to laptop (Notebook)
  2. Be sure your Blackberry connected to Blackberry Desktop Manager (indication ‘Device Connected’ with PIN Blackberry device)
  3. Be sure at device manager there is RIM virtual. (control panel>system>Hardware>device manager>ports (com&LPT) [winxp] COM port can be different at another laptop/ PC
  4. Go to QPST Configuration Choose Ports Tab
  5. Choose ‘Add New Port’, and then choose port as show as at control panel>system>Hardware>device manager>ports (com&LPT) [use the biggest virtual port] This step (Add New Port) only done when the first installation, for the port which it have added ini QPST before do not need this  ‘Add New Port’ step.
  6. The device which it have connected will detected otomatically by QPST Then you choose Start Clients tab>Service Programming and Push ‘OK’
  7. Choose Chipset SURF6300-Blackberry at window Select Base Model
  8. Push ‘OK’ It's not applied for QPST version 2.7 build 301
  9. Choose Read From Phone then input Service Programming Code (SPC) Push ‘OK’
  10. On tab ‘CDMA’ input parameters: a.Directory #: MDN without ‘0’ b.MCC: 510 (country code) c.11_12(MNC): 09 (network code) d.IMSI_S: MIN (10 digits)
  11. On ‘System’ tab, and then fill the parameter SID with 10608 and NID dengan 65535. Push ‘OK’
  12. Set Preferred Mode, Band Preference, and Roam Preference to Automatic
  13. Choose ‘Roam’tab>Choose ‘Browse’ tab, direct to directory where file EVDO IS683C-10009 saved Push ‘Open’
  14. Continue to ‘M.IP’ Tab and at Mobile IP Behavior choose Simple IP Only
  15. Be sure User Profile is empty (clear user profile)
  16. Next ‘PPP Config’tab. Choose sub tab ‘Um’ and fill the column User ID: MDN@SIPsmartblackberry.com Tethered NAI: MDN@modem.SIPsmartblackberry.com Klik Default Values Clear check at Req PW enc
  17. Choose sub tab ‘AN’. Fill the colum User ID with MDN@evdo.SIPsmartblackberry.com Klick Default Values clear check Req PW enc
  18. Be sure all tabs has filled with right parameters, and then klick ‘Write to Phone’
  19. Choose ‘No’ at notification “The model of phone on COM Port has changed. Do you wish to close this connection?” Wait untill Write proccess finished
  20. Push ‘OK’ if show a Pop-up “NV Write Error” The notification will not shown at QPST version 2.7 build 301
  21. Push ‘OK’ at the notification “Phone no longer detected”
  22. After the WRITE process has finished, close QPST  [X] button and choose ‘No’ when “Save changes to xxxxxx?” notification shown
  23. Plug Out your Blackberry from laptop(notebook)/PC
Step 3....

  1. Turn your Blackberry ON and Wait untill your blackberry active and Ready
  2. Choose ‘Remind Me Later’ at Setup Wizard choice(if its not shown, go to next step)
  3. Dial ##SPC (000000 for Verizon). It will be shown ‘CDMA Service Edit Screen’
  4. Look at the line Blackberry Registration Id, if it has at 10608 you do not need to do next steps below. if not 10608, do the next step bellow.
  5. Change BB Reg Id with push the Menu (BB Logo) Button Choose Edit ‘BB Reg ID’
  6. Direct cursor to number which it show at‘BB Reg Ids in list’ bottom
  7. Push Menu (BB Logo) Button. choose ‘Delete’
  8. Fill the Blackberry Registration Ids with ‘10608’
  9. Push Menu (BB Logo) Button. choose ‘Save’
  10. Push Menu (BB Logo) Button. choose ‘Close’
  11. Scroll down to CDMA Service Edit Screen till A-KEY line
  12. input A-KEY (26 digits)
  13. Push Menu (BB Logo) Button. choose ‘Save’
  14. Device will be restart otomatically and Wait till process restart finish
  15. Choose ‘Remind Me Later’ at Setup Wizard choice (go ahead if it not shown)
  16. Push Menu (BB Logo) choose ‘Manage Connection’
  17. Get check at  ‘Mobile Network’ choice
  18. Be sure the signal indicator sinyal shown, its mean Mobile Network has aktived
  19. Do some call test to 881. Outgoing and incoming tobe sure that Inject process has finished


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